May 18th-20th | West Palm Beach




Born in Seoul, S. Korea, Ashley Lee Raicovich has been on the cutting edge of fashion for nearly 15 years. Haven gotten her start in the manufacturing world (and still producing all her designs start to finish), Ashley now owns and operates two boutiques out of Jupiter and Downtown West Palm Beach that feature her own personal clothing label, ILEENgirl.Despite the challenges, Ashley moved to the U.S. 3 years ago and has had amazing success! Her story is one of hard work, sacrifice and determination.

Not only a designer and entrepreneur, Ashley is a also wife of a native Floridian and mother of a beautiful little girl.

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Mike helped lead the international expansion of Groupon throughout the Middle East and Asia.  Prior to that he built FreeLunched, a social advertising platform in Miami. Currently, Mike is dedicated to the development of Sensie an application that detects the response of the body to different stimulus, known as an intuition trainer. 
Mike also leads Consciousness Hacking in Miami Beach and is involved in the startup community, offering advisory and business development services to tech companies.
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Pola Bunster is the Director of Storytelling at Prism Creative Group, a mission-aligned creative agency geared toward re-branding Miami and amplifying culture through community events and experiential marketing. A Miami native, Pola has worked on many projects at Prism that have helped make culture and community accessible around the city. Through in-depth storytelling and curated events, they have played a significant role in revitalizing neighborhoods and helping to build a better Miami.

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Professional Athlete

Born in Vail, Colorado, Damien lived most of his life in the mountains. At the age of three his parents put him on his first pair of skis. The rest is a sport fanatics history . . .

He found his niche in kite boarding, winning two world championships and traveling all over the world. In the past 7 years, he has been on the podium in many different disciplines in skiing as well, from freestyle to course racing to speed and slalom racing. Last year wrapped up with incredible highs being selected the World Kiteboarder Of The Year and ending up Slalom World Champion.

Dramatic injury left him in a place where he thought his career was over but it wasn't. It has been another story of triumph in the face of all odds!

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Linda has worked in finance for nearly 7 years. She served one year as a business development manager and has learned the ins and outs of wealth management and personal finance. During that time she has continued her love for well-being and pursued a myriad of certificates and educational programs to further develop her wholistic and inquisitive approach to life including:

Certified Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Chef’s Training Program

Natural Gourmet Institute

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and more

She graduated Rutgers University with a Psych/Journalism dual degree. During her time learning and working, she saw an intersection between money and well-being, that our definition of wealth can be expanded. She works for a major financial firm and has changed what they offer to investors on an international level through her creative look at what investment can be.

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Matt started his journey in sports psychology and but really found his passion in food. He started Jugo Fresh before cold pressed juice was a thing. It caught on like wild fire and grew into a partnership with Whole Foods in 8 of their stores. He has started other concepts like Paradigm Kitchen in Miami. He now leads wellness workshops and retreats, combining his skill of coaching, meditation and business savvy.




Developing housing in urban areas is not a new challenge. However, developing quality workforce housing and including the members of the community in the decision making process has always been “the challenge.” Typically the people that matter the most are leveraged out of the deal early in the development timeline, and projects do not have the sustainable impact on communities as intended.

Terry has proven that he can change that in projects over California and south Florida. Urban Farmers Inc is an alternative to status quo housing developer. Terry's company offers a more equitable solution to non-profit and faith-based organizations to develop quality workforce housing. They educate their partners on the development process, analyze their financial objectives and social enterprise goals; then they create a comprehensive plan that is responsive to both. Through this process, they empower their partners to have a sustainable impact on their community.

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John Poitevent is the founder of The Vocari Group. Their mission is to unleash the unique potential of non-profits and companies that impact the world for good through guided innovation conversations.

He has worked in the area of community impact for over 25 years as a pastor, missionary, counselor and consultant, working extensively with the homeless, addicts and alcoholics.

In his free time John enjoys exploring the great outdoors. Whether it’s snow skiing, hiking, kayaking or cycling, he loves nothing more than being outside and discovering new places.

John is a Cum Laude, Outstanding Graduate of the MacArthur School of Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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Self Care 
Matt Cardone is a lot of things, a Meditation Teacher, Interventionist and Mentor, to name a few. Amongst these titles exists an essential common thread - his ability to comprehensively and compassionately communicate ancient knowledge, and as such, to ignite transformation. 

​In the years since implementing the effortless practice of Vedic Meditation, both his personal and professional lives have completely evolved. Having studied under some of the greatest masters of our time, Matt has thousands of hours of this practice to his name. He now travels regularly throughout the United States teaching Vedic Meditation in corporate environments, recovery communities, and leading meditation workshops and immersions that create the space for the cultivation of self-knowledge. Matt also works privately with students as a meditation teacher and mentor.​ 

In 2016 after one of many trips to study in India, Matt founded Meditation Addict, serving as a platform to share these precious and timeless truths with the world. 


Self Care 

Dr. Hyde is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and a Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. He focused on the root causes of illnesses as well as the essential choices we make every day that either increase or decrease our overall health. He is trained in numerous chiropractic techniques and therapies, but his primary technique is known as Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique or B.E.S.T.

He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Received his undergraduate degree at the University of Dallas and his Doctorate at Parker University. He now lives with his wife Emily in downtown West Palm Beach.



Natalie Addison lives a life of pursuing what she loves. Dancing since the age of four, Natalie professionally performed for over twelve years traveling the world.  Movement has been the root of Natalie’s passions and she loves sharing her vigor for it. While performing dance, she also simultaneously pursued a career in fitness to help people hone in on their health. 
She thrives on connection to people in her community and aims to inspire them in being more aware. She desires to motivate people in living a more mindful life filled with health, wellness, connection, community and art. 
Natalie is versatile in teaching all styles of fitness classes, Vinyasa yoga and works with one-on-one clients to achieve their goals. You can catch her most days doing handstands at the beach or cutting a rug on any local dance floor. Natalie enjoys lavender flavored goodies and is an avid collector of plants, hugs and high fives.



  • 7-8pm Welcome Reception/Registration
    @ ER Bradley's


  • 7-8am (Subculture Coffee)
    Free Yoga Mashup w/ Natalie Addison
  • 8-8:30 am
    Go grab a coffee and head over to the first session!


  • 8:30-10:00 am (Culture Lab)
    Registration & meet the faces that you'll be hanging out with over the next two days
  • 10-10:30 am (Culture Lab)
    Linda Tate
  • 10:30-11am (Culture Lab)
    True North Group
  • 11:00-11:50am
    Walk, run or bike with someone to the next session. Maybe take a second to write about what you just experienced or learned.


  • 11:30-12pm (Voltaire)
    John Poinevent
    Creating an Innovation Culture
  • 12-1pm (Voltaire)
    Ashley Raicovich
  • 1-1:50pm
    Walk, run or bike with someone to the next session. Maybe grab a bite to eat from one of our food partners!
  • 2-2:30 (Culture Lab)
    Dr. Jake Hyde
  • 2:30-3 pm (Culture Lab)
    Matt Cardone
  • 3-3:50pm
    This is a 25 minute walk from this session to the next so maybe grab a Skybike or use it as a time to chat with another rad human! By this point, there's plenty you'll be processing.
  • 4-4:30pm (Grandview)
    Terry Booty 
  • 4:30-6 pm
    John Poitevent
    Q&A w/ Session Leaders
  • 6-8 pm
    Happy Hour at Grandview! The first day is over- grab a drink or two and settle into some fun and meaningful conversation (or just head home and rest for tomorrow's thought-provoking sessions!)



  • 7-8am (Subculture Coffee)
    Free Yoga Mashup w/ Natalie Addison
  • 8-9:50am
    Plenty of time to get to the first session if you enjoyed yoga at 7 am. Have breakfast with some new friends- Subculture Coffee will offer 20% off to you if attending the gathering!
  • 10-11 am (Grandview)
    Matthew Sherman
  • 11-11:50am
    You know the drill by now . . . find your way back to the next session. Enjoy conversation! Let's move as a group and stop some traffic : )


  • 12-12:30 (Culture Lab)
    Pola Bunster
  • 12:30-1 pm (Culture Lab)
    Matt Cardone
  • 1-1:50pm
    Not moving sessions so go grab a bite in Cityplace or just walk around the Culture Lab. It's an amazing space! Use this time to speak with the speakers to gain more insight if you'd like!


  • 2-2:30 (Culture Lab)
    Damien Leroy
  • 2:30-3pm (Culture Lab)
    Mike Dannheim
  • 3-3:30pm
    Easy walk or bike ride to the next session! We'll be ending with some group workshop, so bring those notes!
  • 3:30-5pm (Voltaire)
    John Poitevent
    Q&A w/ Session Leaders
  • 6pm
    We all hang out or go our separate ways, ready to make the changes and be the catalyst for the change we want to see!